Linda Alessandro, President & CEO – is the founder of Body Wellness Fitness and Management Inc, providing over 333 different on-site fitness and wellness that reach over 220,000 people and embraces over 2,000 fitness classes a month to gated communities, country clubs, and companies throughout Palm Beach and Broward County. Linda has organized a team of nine over 150 health and wellness experts who facilitate these programs. Many of these individuals are considered experts in their chosen fields. Ms. Alessandro is a 25-year specialist in the field of health and fitness. Her expertise has earned her a place within the President’s Council on Physical Fitness& Sports Program. Ms. Alessandro was asked to address the United Nations Nutrition Committee on the mind/body connection in health. Ms. Alessandro leads many of the stress management lectures offered at Body Wellness®. The Federal Aviation Administration implemented her stress management program, known today as SLOWO®: The Mental Interface® Technique. Linda has presented the Body Wellness® programs at Citibank, The US Postal Service, Cablevision, ADP, Avis, General Instrument, Standard Microsystems, Oxford Resources, Macy’s, Nikon, Estee Lauder, Home Depot, Cybex, Symbol Technologies, Loral, and many other organizations.

Daniel Alessandro, Chief Operating Officer – has an unparalleled track record of driving Retail B2B business expansion and increasing profitability through acquisitions and accelerated growth strategies. While at Hilti International, Daniel launched a new Division of Hilti International that accelerated growth to 15 percent of market share and 170, million dollars in sales in less than 36 months. As C level of an International retail packaging design company, Daniel delivered unique team-building abilities and thought leadership to create a highly functional, focused, efficient sales team, and operation facilities built on the strengths of the organization while expanding the brands global footprint Internationally. Daniel has extensive sports and health experience earning a full football Scholarship to the University of Alabama and being drafted by the New England Patriots Football Team. Daniel earned his B.S. and MBA.

Ernest Chu, Chief Financial Officer & Director – Nearly five decades as an investment banker, private equity banking, and senior officer or director of more than a dozen companies. Was a founding or key team member of eight successful early stage companies, with five public company exits. BA, Amherst College, Moore Fellow, post graduate fellowship at Columbia University, former columnist for the Wall St. Journal, and Allied member of the NYSE and contributing author of seven books on personal development and entrepreneurial finance.

Kristen Higgs, Regional Account Executive – Kristen brings over ten years of acquired extensive experience within the gated community industry before assuming her position with Body Wellness. She has a record of success in managing extremely large properties in excess of 15,000 residents. Kristen conceives of clever, resourceful ways of improving operations and customer service and is an ingenious troubleshooter solving client issues. Her record of success in gated communities is only surmounted by her quest for first rate customer service and performance for our clients.

Dr. John Mee, designer of Apollo moon mission computer systems, & new product expert

  • Holds a patent on the laser printer. Architect and pioneer of redundant computer systems used by the US space program.
  • Selected by NASA to power the Apollo moon missions.
  • Member of MENSA author of several text books on the design and principles of human cognitive computing and integration of light photons.
  • Expert in the development of new technology products.

Christopher J. Chu, award winning video games developer and programmer

  • Received an Academy Award for Best Sound in a Video Game working for Activision (Call of Duty 3), one of the all-time best-selling games.
  • Developer of Shrek for the Disney, Return Fire and other platinum video games.
  • Key developer for George Lucas and forthcoming video game, Avatar.
  • Key role in new product development utilizing mixed and virtual reality. He attended California Polytech.